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DBus service

sessiond provides a DBus service on the session bus at the well-known name org.sessiond.session1.

See the DBus Service section of sessiond(1) for descriptions of methods, properties, and signals.

For complete introspection data, use gdbus:

gdbus introspect --session --dest org.sessiond.session1 --object-path /org/sessiond/session1


The sessionctl script is provided to run a sessiond session and interact with its DBus service.

usage: sessionctl [-h]

With no arguments, show session status.

positional arguments:
    run                 Run session
    stop                Stop the running session
    status              Show session status
    lock                Lock the session
    unlock              Unlock the session
    properties          List session properties
    backlight           Interact with backlights
    version             Show sessiond version

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

See sessionctl(1) for more information.